Saturday, November 15, 2008

Technology for Teachers, My e-learning favourites.

I have been teaching on-line for secondary students in my board in southern Ontario for only one year. This is my second year and I am developing a new course ( Business Entrepreneurship - E-Business) I was required to build all of my materials in :
First Class
This progam works fine, some limitations but easy to use.
We have also just began using -Adobe Connect
for webinars and conferncing. Although we still working out a few tech support items with our board server. It's definately will be a great tool for teaching online.

I have also be actively searching for ways to integrate multi- media to appeal to different learning styles, so a few other useful programs are:
Adobe Presenter- takes a PowerPoint and adds voice, students can forward rewind pause as needed. view a Sample

Another useful program that is FREE is JING
This is a wonderful screen capture program that allows you to show views what you mean by creating a flash and audio message. Here is a sample.

One more program that I haven't used a lot so far but has great potential is Voice Thread This program allows you to add multiple comments to a slide, visual or video. sample:

Making movies is easy with windows Movie Maker

That's just a few of my favorites and I 'm sure I will be finding more as I continue to work in an online environment.

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