Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Media Literacy -what skills will students need

As we move on from the industrial age we are also moving to be collaborators and producers more than just critical consumers. this means a new mindset for educators and skill set for students.

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

sixth sence

Watch this Ted talks - technology that is a work in process,
exctiting frontiers

[ www.mobileUncle.com ] Basically, Sixth Sense is a mini-projector coupled with a camera and a cellphone—which acts as the computer and your connection to the Cloud, all the information stored on the web. Sixth Sense can also obey hand gestures, like in the movie Report.

NO internet = No problem

Google Geers is and excellent tool that rally bridges the gap between online application and tools and off line uses.

So before you pay for anymore licence upgrades for "office" or "email" tools try our Google Applications including Google Geers- You may never look back.

See you at the cottage! I'll be "working" from up at the lake.

Google Docs


I've posted an have been using Google docs for a while.
I came accross this presentation by sbeck and it's excellent for demonstrating how to use Google doc.
Love the abiltiy to switch from a desktop to my netbook, to laptop and never having to upload, down load or carry files in sticks and discs etc. So many applications for education, and personal use.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

slide share -web 2.0

Slide share is great way tho publish presentations
Here is one about web 2.0
from Steve Hargadon

Mixbook - make your own books- online

Her is a fun project that could work in the classroom. This type of activity would build teamwork, photo skills, literacy and more depending on the subject and topics.

Thanks to Martha Thornburgh- for blogging about this one!

I searched Mixbook and found this sample too.
| View Sample Photo Books | Create your own Photo Book

Betty Blogger - winter school

Over the last few months I have been participating in:

What was the most important thing you learned in the Betty Blogger Winter School? Why?
The activities all emphasised new web 2.0 technology tools and how they can be used effectively in education. There are sooooo many new and great tools and the fact they are free ans easy to use is a real bonus. I realise that it is essential to be trying new methods and educational tools to keep students interested. i agree with many of the professionals in the technology area that as a teacher you have to be willing to try and test out items before you can expect the students to use them in the classroom. I believe in life long learning and the learning can never stop when you are talking technology and it's impact on every subject area.

What was most challenging? Why?
The biggest challenge is having to choose what tools you want to make a commitment to learning more about. Some tools I have just skimmed over and others I have used with my students this semester. There are lots that I want to go back and spend more time on. A second challenge is having access to technology in the classroom, and resistance from some traditional teachers.

What were some of the best ideas you had for ways web 2.0 applications could be used in schools?
The tools that I find most valuable are:
Wikis- easy to create web content for class projects, courses etc
Reader- having information come to you.
Google - docs and more. the more I use these programs the more I like the versatility and easy access to my work.

Are there any applications we didn’t cover that you think might be good to incorporate into school training? What were they and why?
There are new tools available every day, so I think the topic covered are a great starting point but the learning never stops. You can see more of my favourites here on this blog.

How successful was the “self-directed” learning model?
I think that self directed learning worked for me because I was already interested in the technology and subject areas. Just as we offer learning in a variety of formats and methods for students I think the same is true for adult learners- teachers.

Thanks Betty It's been fun!

Library Thing

There is a new site called "Library Thing" that allows you to creat an account. Email not required for once. On this account you can post books that you read or that relate to a topic you are interested in. He is my list. http://www.librarything.com/profile/MJPage

This site may have some possiblities for use in reading circles or the classroom to help engage student in reading and discussion about books. Some of the features include groups, talk, chat and local map and events.
check it out.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

No time to Read

With the constant increase in demands in our time, many find they can not find the time to try something new. But truth is many of the new web 2,0 tools help save time and, and using a Reader is just one of those useful tools. If you think about all the time we spend searching for information, compared to the short time to set up a reader that will bring information to you instead. I set up a Google Reader last October and admit there I times when I don't get to it, but when I look at it once a week or so there, I find lots of information about the topics that are important for me. The reader brings to your computer just the changes and updates made on any web page with RSS feed.
For educators the rss can be used to:
Research teaching topics, or students can set up reader for research, especially if they need to gather information throughout the semester on a topic.
Teachers that have students working on Blogs or wiki can know what they have published by subscribing to their works.
The Reader is also a good way to build your professional learning network. I have learned a lot about these technology tools by viewing the blogs and sites of other teachers interested and working with technology.

For more on Readers check out my previous entry

wiki in the classroom

Making and using a wiki is an easy way to publish web content in a collaboartive means. A wiki can be used to plan a speicific event like a thankgiving dinner.- I can bring a game like monopoly and leave the cooking to other guests.
here are some sample wiki's
Wiki can be for online textbooks:

Class & Group projects
Burlinton Central - Civics

Aldershot - Entrepreneurship

Iroquois Ridge- World Issues

or Team/ club websites
Burlington Central -Robotics

As you can see from these examples it is easy to track who the contributors, are , what changes are made, all types of media can be included and the work will continue to avalable and built on over time.

See my previous entry on wikis in education: