Saturday, December 27, 2008

Reflections on 2008 Learning Curve

During the last year there has been a lot of technology and learning opportunities to be proud of. I personally have continued on the path to provide engaging learning with technology with my students, however the process of changing is sometimes a slow path. This is on the part of the teacher as well as students, when you begin to shift from a teacher centered classroom to one that is more student centered the change in focus is on differentiated learning and honouring multiple intelligence of the learners. There had to be just as many adjustments for the students as the teacher. I am proud of the amount of personal and professional learning that I have encountered, using many new programs for the first time, like this blog, Google Reader, creating wikis, and lots more.(see side links) Back in the Fall when I heard Will Richardson talk about trying new things for ourselves and then incorporating them slowly into the classroom were words of wisdom that I have taken to heart. 2009 will be more about sharing what I know and bringing it into the classroom more frequently, be it on line or in the face to face classroom.

After watching this video, I have to wonder if the changes and progress have been enough.
Mr Winkle Wakes
Here is a wonderful video that illustrates how much technology and education need to work together.
Created by Mathew Needleman- Creating Life Long Learners.

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