Thursday, January 8, 2009

Statistics, Forms come to life and have meaning.

Google Forms- Take Excel to the next level with Google Forms. You can create a form that will auto enter into spreadsheet!
Do you or your students ever need to create a survey or collect data, want an online form for evaluations, poll, quiz or anything?
Google forms is really easy to use and form can be embed in website or Blog,
Heres a sample of one I made for School Survey on technology and Communication

you tube how to make google forms-from

Gapminder- Bring meaning to statistics!
I came across this web site over the holidays, might be of interest to teachers of: world issues, economics, international business teachers. It makes statistics interesting, really!

It is an animated interactive web site that has world statistics over time and you can select specific countries etc.
There are also 2 worthwhile (20 minute) Ted Talks presentations. (watch the video first then check out the site)

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