Sunday, March 1, 2009

No time to Read

With the constant increase in demands in our time, many find they can not find the time to try something new. But truth is many of the new web 2,0 tools help save time and, and using a Reader is just one of those useful tools. If you think about all the time we spend searching for information, compared to the short time to set up a reader that will bring information to you instead. I set up a Google Reader last October and admit there I times when I don't get to it, but when I look at it once a week or so there, I find lots of information about the topics that are important for me. The reader brings to your computer just the changes and updates made on any web page with RSS feed.
For educators the rss can be used to:
Research teaching topics, or students can set up reader for research, especially if they need to gather information throughout the semester on a topic.
Teachers that have students working on Blogs or wiki can know what they have published by subscribing to their works.
The Reader is also a good way to build your professional learning network. I have learned a lot about these technology tools by viewing the blogs and sites of other teachers interested and working with technology.

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