Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The value of Blogging to change Classroom Culture

I just spent the last weekend at the Ontario Tech Ed - Google for Education Summit  I was an amazing event and I was inspired by several of the presenters. 
One in particular was Chris Moore with a session Blogger: Changing the Culture of your Classroom 

Quoting from the session Description "You will leave this hands-on session armed and dangerous with a Blogger Blog of your own creation! More importantly, you'll see how blogging with students can create an audience and a purpose for their work. You will learn how you can begin using your work with student bloggers across all grades and content areas. Your students will want to revise their work! Your students will want to write more!"

Here is the class blog from grade 5 students.
The blog is a collaborative project for Mr Moore and Ms. Nicolette Vander Velde classes.

You can view the student blogs from the side bar.

I have worked on educational information blogs for several years then kind of got busy and forgot about the value of sharing and publishing in this way. I have had my students in some of my classes work on blogs before but not in all my classes and not currently. Chris shared some critical success stories and how making student writing authentic and giving the pride of publishing could make a difference.  So here I am again! Thank you Chris for sharing your stories of success and blogging..I'm back for another round and will do my best to share the inspiration for other teachers and my students.

Here is the Blog from my Grade 11 Business Class:

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