Monday, February 16, 2009

Add visuals to tags, bookmarks,

I was just reading Larry Ferlazzo blog and tried out the Favthumbs as a way to share those bookmarks and items tagged with with students.
The Favethumbs looks like a neat tool. Here mine:

Check out Larry's blog for more ideas.
There are several simple web applications that teachers can use to easily have a list of websites where students can go to find the answers to specific questions on a scavenger hunt. The ones I list here are particularly accessible to English Language Learners because they provide screenshots of the websites as well as their url addresses, and they also don’t require a teacher to register to use them, either. They include:

FAVTHUMBS: Favthumbs provides thumbnail images (and links) of bookmarks saved on your account. Favthumbs might just be one of the easiest ways for a teacher to create an accessible webpage for students doing an Internet “scavenger hunt”, or if they just want their students to focus on a few specific webpages for an assignment. All a teacher has to do is create a tag on their account and give students this url address — (your username)/ (the tag you gave the links). Students will see thumbnail images and links to the sites you’ve bookmarked.

MINMU: With MinMu, all you do is paste the url addresses of as many webpages as you want into a box (no registration is required), and you are given one url address for all of them. Click on it, and you’re shown a screen that not only shows the links to all of the sites, but also thumbnail images of them.

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  1. Glad you found the resource useful, and thanks for the "plug"!