Saturday, February 14, 2009

Social tags & bookmarks, - like tea & cookies, they go together is a way to create and use tags.

What potential do I see for this tool? e.g., for teachers, for students, for class assignments, for curriculum development.
Well I do agree that using social bookmarks or taging is better using a web service lic Delicious than marking favorites on a specific computer. The extra advantage is that you can look up a url and see how others have tagged it- this will lead you to more sites with relevant content. However I guess I need more time to work on the social sharing part. I think its like looking at a picture not all eyes will have the same perspective nor the same words to describe a site.If there is a course project, or specific topic that you want to have information on you can use your tags in delcious search, but personally I like using my Google reader for that too,- with the Reader I get the site and the summary of the articles.

Digg is also a popular tagging.I have heard a lot about it for educators but haven't tried it yet. so at this point I'm not sure how each of the following compare: Delecious, Digg, Reader or even advanced Google searches, or data base searches - they all find websites and store the ones we want to return to.

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